Potato and Rosemary Schiacciata

pizzaFelix, Chantelle, Brooke, Chris and Fabian came over to check out my new place last night and this schiacciata was a hit. I called it a pizza because I don’t know how to pronounce ‘schiacciata’ but its like a bit of a cross between pizza and focaccia. This recipe is vegan-friendly but if thats not an issue for you or your guests then it would be nice to add a bit of italian sausage.

Great, inexpensive recipe for a crowd and looks excellent served on a big wooden cutting board.

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pateEveryone is always so impressed by homemade pate and it is literally so easy and inexpensive to make at home. I use the recipe below from Jacques Pepin and like to add lots of pepper.

It can ALSO be made ahead – pour a thin layer of butter on top and store it in the fridge for 1 week or in the freezer for 2 months.

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Slow roasted Mediterranean Lamb (8 hrs)

LambGirls weekend! What happens when 8 girls descend upon a remote property cut off from wifi and phone reception in the Australian outback (well… ‘sorta’ outback)? We eat amazing food and have a way better time than the boys 🙂  I was tasked with making dinner on Saturday night and decided to make a (very) slow roasted lamb. It roasted away in the oven for a good 8 hours while we pottered around the property doing yoga on the deck, reading books, watching terrible Rom Coms, collecting rocks with Loni, making a camp fire, and splashing around in the outdoor bath tub. Even though nobody was at all hungry by the time dinner was ready (since we had been eating the ENTIRE day) the smell of slow roasted lamb drew everyone in. It was perfect alongside Lyndsey’s garlicky yogurt, Israeli cous cous and taboulleh. With so much good food and wine and Nina’s excellent Birthing playlist on Spotify, we were in such good spirits that it was inevitable that we would start pranking the boys… Mr and Mrs Vanderbeek had the boys lost and bewildered – and us, in stiches.

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Poached Dried Fruit

poached fruitI discovered poached dried fruit at this random deli in Melbourne about a month ago and I have been trekking out on my bike each weekend to get my fix. I have been buying a container-full and adding a spoonful or two to my fruit and yogurt each morning, its my new favourite way to start the day! Anyway, yesterday it was pouring with rain and I couldn’t justify riding my bike in the thunderstorm just to get my container of poached dried fruit. So I thought I would investigate how to make it myself – turns out its ridiculously easy and quick and actually tastes way better than the bought-stuff (mainly because I can adjust the sweetness for my liking). I love having this for breakfast but could also be great with dessert on icecream or panna cotta. It keeps beautifully in the fridge.

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saganakiThis is the easiest, most fail-proof dish to impress the socks off somebody. It takes about 5 minutes to cook and the cheese turns the most beautiful golden colour.  The sesame seeds (either white or black) do make it a little bit more special and it does look great on a black plate.


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Pumpkin Pie for a Happy 4th!

paleo-pumpkin-pie-13907-1I started writing this blog- post 6 days before the US election last year (when I was still living in D.C.) but never posted it because I wasn’t completely happy with the recipe. I’ve now made it a few more times and I love it, so I thought now would be the right time to post it with the original text, on this day – July 4 – Happy Independence Day, America.

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Creamy carbonara with zucchini noodles

zuchini2I recently got into this home-cook called, ‘Deliciously Ella’. It was actually my house-mate
that introduced me to her – he kept cooking all this yummy and healthy food and every time I asked where the recipe came from he would say, ‘Deliciously Ella’. After a few months, I decided to find out what all the fuss was about and jumped onto her blog. Well it turns out that she’s absolutely gorgeous – no wonder my house-mate is obsessed with her, and that I now want to be her (she is like a glowing beam of health and happiness).

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Sven’s Barbecued Salt & Pepper Squid

salt-pepper-squid-2719_lIts summer time in Australia – the sun is shining bright, the BBQ is getting a real workout and everyone is lounging around watching Australia kick ass in the cricket. Its wonderful to be back (and this time for good!) and, to celebrate, we had a few friends around to bring in the new year. As this is a special occasion, my brother, Sven (no, my parents are not Swedish), is making his famous Salt and Pepper Squid.

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Banana Bread

Banana bread reminds me of home. I always used to go to cafes in Australia and order it because I banana-bread2thought it was the healthy alternative to cake…

My family don’t understand why I love banana bread – because I absolutely hate bananas. Not being able to smell means that ‘texture’ is really important to me and I think we can all agree that the texture of bananas is disgusting. But if they are blended into a ‘bread’ batter – then they don’t bother me at all 🙂

There is no sugar in this recipe. Instead I use honey which I think adds a much more floral and rich sweetness and darkness to the bread. The added step of heating the bananas to extract their liquid is a bit of a pain but totally worth it for a strong banana flavor with no gumminess. Serve warm with espresso, cinnamon butter (what else are you going to do while waiting for the bread to bake!).

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